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My Beauty Saviours - Lush Top 5

My top Lush products
As you might have already gathered from my earlier posts, I am a huge fan of Lush. Not only do I love the amazing scents of their products, I really respect their ethos. I think its so admirable of a company to actively support animal rights and to try and protect the environment. I also really love the fact that it is a family based company, with a lot of the products showing personal touches from the Constantine family.

Given my slight obsession, I have tried pretty much everything from Lush and really enjoy the variety that you can get from all of the different products. However, there are a few items that I find myself coming back to time and time again. The ones that I just can't live without! So I thought I'd share my top pick of Lush products with you all.

Ultrabland - The ultimate cleanser & makeup remover

1. Ultrabland | £11.50 for 100g

This is my all time favourite makeup remover and cleanser. It's based on traditional cold creams and is an incredibly gentle yet effective cleanser that removes all traces of dirt and makeup without any kind of stripping effect. It contains almond oil and beeswax for hydration, rose water to soothe the skin, and honey for it's moisturising and antibacterial properties. Quite the combination!

To use the product you simply smooth it over your skin, then remove it with a warm damp cloth. I find this to be the best makeup remover I have ever come across which is my first reason for loving it so much. I use Benefit's They're Real mascara which is so difficult to remove, they even produce a specific makeup remover for it, yet this beauty has absolutely no trouble getting it off. A Lush employee even told me once that after some misguided actions involving alcohol, permanent markers and moustaches (I'll leave the rest to your imagination), Ultrabland was the reason she was the only person in her friendship group without a variety of permanent marker tattoos all over her face the next day. Now THAT is a good makeup remover!

The second reason I love it is it's impressive ability to calm down my skin within days of use. Every once in a while I go off the rails with my beauty routine, whether that translates as a few too many late nights or trying a product that my skin has decided to hate, it doesn't matter, Ultrabland has my back. I can be suffering from a really bad breakout with no foreseeable end, but a day or two later all will be back to normal. What's even better is that due to its simple formula, it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Everyone needs a product like this on hand!

Mask of Magnaminty - The perfect mask for problem skin

2. Mask of Magnaminty | £5.50 for 125g

Lush has a huge number of face masks, all with particular concerns in mind. I really like a number of them but this is my top choice. As the name suggests, the mask is loaded with peppermint oil which not only "wakes up" your skin, it acts as a natural antiseptic, promoting the healing of blemishes and scars. As an extra bonus, it also includes ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds to gently exfoliate your skin as you remove the mask.

The mask has a thick, creamy formula
Letting the magic happen!

The mask has a really thick, creamy consistency which means a little goes a really long way. The mask has been aimed at face and body use so it can be applied wherever it is needed. You simply apply it over the areas you want to treat, enjoy the wonderful cooling sensation, then rinse it off after 5-10 minutes. The application and removal can be a tad on the messy side so it's best carried out in the bathroom, or at least somewhere easy to clean up! I use this mask once a week and it really helps to keep breakouts under control as well as generally making my skin look bright and fresh.

R&B Hair Moisturiser

3. R&B Hair Moisturiser | £11.50 for 100g

This is my favourite emergency hair styling product. Admittedly, I don't entirely use this product as it is meant to be though. It is marketed as a leave-in conditioner, containing a wonderfully rich blend of butters and oils which helps to hydrate your hair. The ingredients used include olive oil, avocado butter and coconut oil. It can be put on wet or dry hair to give an intense hit of moisture and also soothes the scalp. 

I'd imagine for curly or quite course hair this product would be perfect but for fine hair like mine, using a large amount is a bit too heavy for me. So why is it in my beauty saviours list you ask? The reason for including it is because it is the perfect styling cream. I carry a little pot of this product with me wherever I go and find it to be great for when my hair has decided to resemble a poodle (yes, this is a real life situation). Literally just a few fingertip's worth of product tames fly-aways and gives hair a lovely shine. R&B is also scented with a gorgeous jasmine and orange perfume that makes your hair smell fantastic. The perfect last minute touch up!

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - leaves skin moisturised and smelling phenomenal

4. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner | £15.95 for 225g

This is my perfect, lazy girl's moisturiser. Body conditioners are essentially moisturisers that you can use in the shower, massaging over wet skin and then rinsing it off like you would with a hair conditioner. No more waiting to dry and then applying moisturiser, flapping around until it sinks in (is this just me..?) and THEN getting dressed. This beauty takes care of all of that in one go.

Lush have a couple of body conditioners but this one is by far my favourite. It shares its scent with their Christmas product Rose Jam which has the most luxurious, floral perfume. It is a predominantly rose based smell with a blend of lemon, tonka bean and geranium mixed in and is rounded off with the slightly musky element of vanilla. All in all, suffice to say this product makes your skin smell utterly amazing.

Thanks to the extensive list of moisturising ingredients such as argan oil, brazil nut and almond oils, cocoa, shea and cupuaƧu butters, Ro's Argan makes your skin not only smell incredible, but will leave it soft, supple and radiant. Perfection.

My favourite Lush shampoos, Daddy-O and Big

5. Daddy-O Shampoo | £5.50 for 100g / Big Shampoo | £12.25 for 330g

Ok, so I know I may have cheated slightly here given that there are actually 6 products on the list but in my defence, it depends on what my hair needs as to what shampoo I choose. 

Daddy-O is my go to, everyday shampoo. Since it is a purple shampoo, it brightens and tones blonde hair, stopping it from going brassy. The lemon and lime juices within it encourage the cuticles to lie flat which results in much shinier hair and it's also loaded with extra virgin coconut oil which hydrates and fine sea salt to soften. It keeps my hair in great condition and has really improved it after prolonged use. The smell of this shampoo also keeps me coming back for more. The strong parma violet scent is lovely and uplifting and lasts throughout the day. 

Big Shampoo - loaded with sea salt
Big is the shampoo I reach for roughly once a week to give my hair a dose of OOMPH. You know what I mean, those days when you want some serious volume in your hair? This is the shampoo to give it to you. As you can see in the picture above, it does have a rather odd texture as it is loaded with sea salt. This may seem strange, but the salt is great for lifting your hair and it gives your scalp a bit of a massage at the same time. The coconut oil and seaweed included soften your hair too. 

Although this shampoo is a little pricey, you only need a small amount to work up a good lather and it's not really one you'd use every day. It's great for removing product build up that can weigh down your hair and leaves it feeling soft, full and bouncy. Added bonus, it smells like the seaside.

So there you have it! Those are my favourite Lush products of all time. What are your favourites? Have you tried any that I've talked about?



  1. My all time favourite Lush product has to be the Dragon's Egg bath bomb. It's incredible! x

    Jordan Alice

    1. Great choice Jordan, I absolutely LOVE the Dragon's Egg bath bomb too :) The citrus smell and golden colour is amazing! I think i'd have to write a whole separate post about the bath bombs that i love!

  2. I now have a huge shopping list for my next Lush trip!..well more expensive than huge haha.
    I've been wanting to try some of these products for a while I just haven't yet picked them up. Ultraband & all the hair products are the ones I'm most interested in.
    ...I'm seriously trying to resist an online shop right about now ha.

    Sarah xo See The Stars

    1. Haha don't resist the shopping urge, where's the fun in that ;) Let me know what you think when you get round to giving them a try!

    2. I've been reading your comments on my blog & knew this was the best way to reply for you to see it! I haven't purchases anything from Lush since my haul post, and since reading your post I know for sure I NEED almost all these products :)) So thanks for sharing this with me :))



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