Bristolian Beauty is written by a 26 year old scientist from Bristol. I love to share my thoughts on all things beauty from haircare to makeup to nail art and thought a blog would be the perfect opportunity to do so. My own little world to write about the things I love and to also have the opportunity to meet like minded people, what could be better!

Since I work in the scientific industry in the daytime (avid blogger by night), I love the creative outlet that a blog provides. My work is very structured and doesn't always allow for a sense of expression so I enjoy having my separate space to be free. The two do work together though as I really enjoy delving into the science behind the products to understand exactly why products work the way they do. Knowing why that hair product has transformational properties on my dried out hair or why this moisturiser is taming the inevitable ageing process definitely helps in the quest to find better and more effective products!
I love to discuss all things beauty and am always excited to try new things and discover what other people are raving about. So if you have particular products you'd love to share or if you'd just like a good ol' babble, drop me an email!

I'm currently engaged and getting married in February 2016 - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee exciting!!!! - to my best friend and partner in crime. Which naturally means my pinterest revolves around all things wedding planning. We're going to make quite a lot of the decorations so i'm also going to try and include some fun DIY wedding tasks on the blog too!

A little snapshot of other things I adore in life:
Adventures, scuba diving, dancing, experiencing different cultures, restaurants & eating out, my fiance, spontanaeity, laughing so hard you cry, glorious perfumes, music, long baths, cuddling up on the sofa when its stormy outside, my crazy bengal cats, gigs, truly living.

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