Sunday 20 September 2015

My Lust List

 Whenever pay day draws near, I seem to spend quite a large amount of my time planning exactly how I can spend my money. Yes, before the pennies are even in my poor abused bank account, I am already thinking of ways to steal them away. So I thought what better way to justify my unhealthy habit than to tell you exactly what it is that I desperately “need” in my life right now.

First up is something I have had an online love affair with for a good couple of months now. These gorgeous ombre hair extensions are from Ninas Creative Couture Etsy shop and I am besotted with them. In fact, I have picked this gorgeous ocean blue because it is simply stunning but the truth is I would probably buy half the shop if I had the means. They are all hand dyed and there is a huge range of colours that all look so gorgeous. From bright pink to sunset orange to fashionable grey, everything is covered. I talk the big talk about wanting to try out crazy bold colours but in reality I am terrified one pink dye gone wrong episode could mean staining my blonde hair for a very long time so these extensions just seem like the perfect option! Colour without fear, hello.

Next up is a relatively new addition after coming across With Love Lilly at Bloggers Fashion Week. They make gorgeous, delicate lingerie that is just so darn pretty. Everything is handmade, they can make custom sizes and ahem…did I mention it was REALLY pretty? This is currently my top favourite out of their selection. I want.
Be still my beating heart. Have you ever seen a lipstick that looks so beautiful? The king of shoes, Christian Louboutin, has turned his hand to lipstick and oh my does he know how to make a showstopper. I’ll be honest and say, I don’t even care if the lipstick isn’t the most amazing thing ever, it can just sit and look pretty for all I care. My mum has always said that I’m a sucker for advertising and yes I agree, but I’m sorry mum, this time I just don’t care!

So makeup brushes are very handy. They are a great tool to go from morning troll to glowing beauty
(ahem...ish) but generally they are pretty boring in the looks department. Well step aside standard brown fibered brush, hello mermaid gloriousness. These beauties from Spectrum Brushes seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment and I really want to give them a try. I know, I'm doing that thing again, getting drawn in, but honestly the reviews of these brushes are also incredibly good so this is definitely an all rounder!

Changing it up, I desperately want something like this for my wedding. I love the vintage feel which would be perfect for the look we are creating but I just can't find the space in our budget. The vast amount of places hire these beauties at about £300 for three letters and I just can't get on board with that at all. Think how much Jack Daniels and Gin we could get for that!? So...I am attempting to make my could go horribly this space.
If you read my blog often you will already know of my perfume obsession. Suffice to say I'm usually always lusting after a couple of fragrances at any given time. My latest love is Ghost Girl. It's an interesting fruity, flowery mix with an undercurrent of smokeyness from cedarwood and amber. Though I'll be honest and say in this case, the packaging really doesn't do it for me. It looks like a teenage girl threw up on it but luckily the scent more than makes up for it. See mum, be proud, this time I have overcome the advertising.

Since we're heading in to Autumn at full throttle, it's definitely time to crack out some cool boots for the season. My shoe of choice are these crocodile, zip detailed beauties from Boohoo and at only £28 they are a bit of a bargain too. Unlike some of the scarier priced items (Louboutin I'm looking at you..) on this list, these will certainly be mine very soon.
Lastly, I want to get on this oscillating, exfoliating brush bandwagon.  There seem to be quite a lot of brands bringing out these types of products at the moment and the prices vary hugely but at £50-£80, Magnitone seem to be the more budget friendly option. My curiosity is piqued and I'm genuinely interested to see whether they actually make a big difference to keeping my problem skin under control. It requires a tight leash to keep it in line so I'm a little nervous it might run wild at the mere thought of these things but nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

So what are you all feeling like splurging on at the moment? Has anything on this list caught your attention? Let me know in the comments!

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