Monday 17 August 2015

Got some shiny blonde locks? Try Blonde Addict

The life of a blonde can be a tricky one. Yeah it's pretty cool and all, rocking your sun-kissed beach hair but get it a bit wrong and it's hello orange town. Or to be honest, even if your hair has been dyed the perfect shade initially, over time it can go rather brassy which we all know is not a good look.

Enter Blonde Addict.

A salon professional hair care and styling range designed especially for blondes to control those nasty yellow tones and keep your hair looking glorious. The range* has recently been launched exclusively at Chill Cabinet and the kind folks at Vivid PR sent them to me to try out.
eems that despite the wide range of hair ranges on the market there can never be enough, with the news that Blonde Addict is set to launch.
The range, which includes six products, has been formulated to salon professional standards with ingredients to visibly accentuate blonde tones on natural or colour treated hair.
The range is infused with vitamins, hydrolysed proteins, grapeseed oil and anti-ageing agents designed to leave hair conditioned, soft, smooth and manageable, while exclusive violet pigments neutralise unpleasant yellow and brassy tones.
“Blonde tones and colour vibrancy are noticeably enhanced and intense, and hair is left fragrant with a silky, glossy sheen”.
The product range comprises: Shampoo (£8.99), Mask (£9.99), Active Leave-in Conditioner (£8.99), Gloss Serum (£9.99), Shine Spray (£9.99) and Ultra-Glossing Fixing Spray (£9.99).
New to the UK, Blonde Addict has been formulated and created by the internationally renowned hair care experts at Reef Cosmetics and is available exclusively at the Chill Cabinet, a new online store.[1]
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The range is made up of 6 products with each item priced between £9-£10. The shampoo and leave-in conditioner are loaded with grape seed oil, silk proteins and violet extract, resulting in soft, healthy hair without a brassy tone in sight. The mask also has violet extract but is loaded with extra goodies like vitamin E oil to promote hair growth and Panthenol to create shine and moisturise. On paper, they are pretty damn good, but how did they measure up?

Both the shampoo and conditioner have a lovely light floral scent and a thick, luxurious formula. After using them a couple of times my hair does feel very soft and bright. I have also used the mask a number of times and it has definitely made my hair feel healthier. I love my hair but oh my goodness do I abuse it. It's dyed and styled and blow-dried and forced into all manner of styles so needless to say I need to really pamper it on a regular basis. I will quite happily continue to use these on a daily basis as I think they will keep my hair in great condition. I might need a slightly stronger treatment now and again but they are definitely nice day to day products.

The next three products are more on the styling side of things. All are filled with grapeseed oil and generally have been developed to make your hair shiny and healthy looking. Sadly, I wasn't hugely impressed with the gloss fixing spray or the shine spray. They smelt wonderful with the same light floral scent as the shampoo and conditioner but they just didn't seem to do anything.

The fixing spray didn't seem to have any hold at all and the spray mechanism needs a bit of tweaking. Instead of a mist that I would expect with most sprays, there were quite heavy droplets which resulted in too much product being applied. On the other hand, the shine spray seemed to be almost so fine it just kind of dissipated into thin air. Perhaps this was just a one off but I think it's something that needs to be checked as such a simple thing can really affect the product experience.

The serum on the other hand was another pleasant product that tamed flyaways, left my hair feeling silky and hydrated and was a pleasure to use.

So all in all, it's a bit of a tough one. Are they as good as they seem on paper? Maybe not entirely. But I certainly think the shampoo, conditioner and mask will keep my hair in great condition while preventing my blonde locks from getting dull and yellow toned. The serum is also a nice addition to the range and something I will certainly continue to use and to be completely fair, maybe the other two products just have teething problems.

It's pretty difficult these days to create a completely innovative hair product as lets be honest pretty much everything has been done. So no, this range isn't something you can't find elsewhere but it most certainly does the job!

 *This post features a PR sample, however the post is entirely my own opinion. For more information, please read my full Disclaimer  here

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